Are you a manager and you would like to evaluate and improve your skills? Have you acquired your managerial skills on the job and through informal and non- formal learning? Do you want to know in which skills you are strong and in which you need improvement?

Then, this is the place for you. Through the use of the self- evaluation tool of the CREDNET project, you can evaluate yourself in a series of “transversal” managerial skills and discover your strong and weak points.

Evaluate yourself on how strong you are in problem solving, flexibility, negotiation skills and lot more. If you discover that you are weak in a skill, you can always improve it through the use of our e-learning platform. There, you can find all the relevant material that could help you improve your horizontal managerial skills. After the use of the training material of the platform, you can always return here and check whether you have improved or not. If you are interested in the accreditation and certification of the managerial skills, you can have a look at our accreditation methodology and if you are interested in past experiences in the sector, please check our best practices portal.

If you have a log-in, sign in and make the evaluation as many times as you wish. If not, please register by clicking the relevant button in the left part of the screen.

The self-evaluation tool has been designed in the framework of the project CREDNET- Network for the Accreditation of the Managerial Skills. The project is co-funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo da Vinci) of the European Commission.